The Federal Reserve

A very controversial title, but read on to understand. I am giving here both sides of the issues.

Most countries have so called defense departments. But in some of those countries the defense department does alot of attacking. It therefore should be renamed "attack department". Better yet, it would be good for countries to have both an attack department and a separate defense department. The population could then decide which department to fund with how much money and that would likely leave the attack departments with not enough funds to go attacking other countries.

War, throughout the history of mankind, has been a personal disaster for individuals, but strangely enough, it has been one of the two most important factors in improving the long term standard of living for the populations that were subject to the wars. The strange fact is that the vanquished populations often benefited more than the victorious ones. But always individuals on all sides of a conflict suffered great losses while all sides, seen as entire populations, made signifficant longterm economic progress with the victors often making the least progress. So there seems to be longterm economic advantage in losing a war. Quite often the attacker in a war becomes the loser. Did they somehow know that losing a war is the road to signifficant long-term economic progress? Was their intent to win and they got lucky and lost? It is most likely that my very outside the box hypothesis of a heavy burden or demand on anything living causes the unexpected beneficial outcomes, see

The other very important factor in standard of living improvement is commerce, which in a way, is a type of warfare. Commercial warfare is often the cause of armed conflict. The other causes of armed conflict are religion and ideological beliefs. Countries that are influenced by agressive religions should have a greater tendency to have internal and external strife that creates the demand and friction that leads to longterm greater strength of their economies.

The most economically developed areas on Earth
Free enterprise/capitalism has created the most prosperous economies. A vital ingredient for free enterprise is human greed (see Greed creates economic strife. The areas on Earth that have been subject to the most frequent and severe economic warfare and to armed conflict as a result of economic, religious and ideological disputes, have benefitted most in terms of standard of living improvement. The improvements can only be realized if the periods of peace between the wars are of sufficient length to allow for complete recovery and to allow for the additional gains that result during the recovery periods. 

Is war desirable or is it a necessary evil ?
For most people war is neither desirable nor necessary. Most people will gladly surrender some trade advantages or some form of freedom in order to prevent war. Tolerance is their preference. But tolerance has a high price that leads to deterioration and loss of prosperity. Peace is their ideal and they are eager to pay a high price to prevent war and maintain peace. Little do they realize that by their love for peace they are losing the opportunity to lose a war. The only war that is beneficial to win is the war of the survival of the fittest. The winning of that war of the survival of the fittest seems to be our natural duty to ourselves as individuals and as groups, indeed our duty to the whole human species. War is the ultimate tool of the natural selection process that our genetic makeup has burdened us with. Wars are caused by commercial, religious or ideological strife. It is a cruel system we are naturally tied into. But to ignore that fact and not wishing to be involved in that war of survival, means to succumb to it. The smatest thing in government is to create economic strife without it having to escalate into physical war. An ever ongoing strife between religions is also a form of warfare and the smartest thing is to keep that strife on a local basis and not to combine into large alliances of religions of the same stripe such as all of Christianity banding together and all brands of Muslim religions banding together. Because that way the strife becomes trans national and creates much larger potential for Worldwar III.

War AND Peace, not War OR Peace
The one does not exist without the other. Peace is as much a part of war as war is a part of Peace. Peace is equaly as important as war in the process of improving technology for the progress of economics. The periods of peace need to be long enough to permit the total reconstruction of a war torn and destroyed area. The periods of peace must be longer than the periods of war because it takes a lot more time to rebuild than it takes to destroy. The reality is that we have no choice between war and peace. War is an ever ongoing process that is driven by the struggle of the survival of the fittest. That struggle in turn is governed by my law of nature . This apparently unassailable law of mine dictates, that being subjected to a demand is the only way for any living species to strengthen and thereby prevail and become the fittest for survival. Withdrawing from or avoiding the struggle to survive causes deterioration and weakening of the individual or group or the species as a whole.

Agreeing to disagree is a temporary peace
To be at war on a continnuous basis is not desirable for optimum progress. War may produce often signifficant technological progress that can be taken advantage of after wars to put it to peaceful uses, but on balance such technological progress could be made in peacetime as well. The most important function of war is the demand it places on a whole economy and thereby gives it the heavy destructive demand and wounds from which it can repair and emerge stronger after reconstruction. To give peace the longer period it needs to do full reconstruction and the standard of living progress that typically results after wars, it can be advantageous to avoid war for as long as possible, but not at the price of concessions. A very good method is and have a cold war instead.

The best form of warfare is econmic warfare as long as it can be kept from spilling over into violent conflict
Economic warfare is a constant feature within countries that practice free enterprise. Businesses in a constant struggle with their direct competitors and with all other businesses as well to constantly get a larger slice of the total economy inside their home economies. The struggle for raw materials and foreign markets carries these struggles accross borders and toward international conflict. All of these struggles are a form of warfare and they serve the same beneficil purpose of the . As long as the wars can be fought in the economic arena the physical destruction can be kept at a minimum. The problem is that at all levels of government there are forces that aim to limit competition by international agreements and laws and agreements that give more power to large monopolies or powerful special interests. The limiting of competition by monopolies that order laws and regulations from corrupt politicians and bureaucrats weakens economies to the point of economic collapse. 

As time permits, I will identify some of the wrong legislation that has decreased economic competion and thereby has limited the possibility for economic war making and created recessions and economic decline and poverty. The small group of people that consolidated oil exploration, also were major investors in the automobile industry. To strengthen their monopolies they purchased light rail and other public transportation means and closed them down. This effort was led by General Motors and became known as the General Motors streetcar conspiracy, also known as the Great American Streetcar Scandal. Below: Pacific Electric Railway streetcars stacked at a junkyard on Terminal Island, Los Angeles County, California, March 1956.

The warmaking by such special interest monopolies leads to greater control of the economy as a whole for the monopolies, and does not benefit the general population. In fact it comes at a great and lasting expense for the general public. These kind of economic abuses are then blamed on the unbridled practice of free enterprise and leads to demands by the general public for greater controls and more regulations to restrict such free market practices. These greater controls and more regulation actually give the special interest monopolies even more manipulative power because the new bureaucracies that are supposed to enforce the new laws and regulations can and will be under the indirect control of the special interest monopolies via massive bribery financed by the special interests. There is no winning this game by creating more laws and regulations and more oversight. But these abuses most often are enabled through corrupt government elected and unelected officials that cooperate with the special interests and monopolies that are owned and run indirectly by a small group of investment bankers. 
The people that owned the major oil companies and the automobile companies, were the ones that purchased and ripped out this light rail transportation competiition to sell more oil and cars. Read the following Wikipedia entry about this criminal elimination of up to 1000 light rail operations in the United States:
The children and grandchildren of these clever criminal bankers are the ones that currently have the whole Illness Industry in their vice grip. They have consolidated the whole illness business in the United States into the largest for profit industry in the World. Expect things to get worse with Illness Care in the future, all in the name of greater profits for the investment bankers that have consolidated the ownership of Hospitals and drug makers. Of course the Illness Industry is operating under the deliberately deceptive name of Health Care. They are totally disinterested in health because the only thing that will increase their profits is more illness, sad to say, but you can see their point. They do everything that all others in business do, namely trying to increase profits by eliminating the competition and raising prices. In this case however the Illness Industry will also try to create more illness with the help of the Federal Government and certainly does not want to know anything about people practicing prevention by preventing illness and strengthening their immune systems. The FDA will do anything to promote things that create more illness and it closes down alternative medical care offices that have demonstrated success in treatments that reverse illness and enable the body to heal itself by strengthening the immune system.
One such factors that facilitate physical and desrtuctive warmaking is the existence of a central banking system that can easily provide the needed funds for the costly business of war by inflating the currency with the simple printing of money or the printing of bonds or other forms of currency manipulation that puts the country into an economic tailspin (not a bad thing for the either, because with the economic suffering by the total economy and the total population the demand that is placed on the economy and the population will eventually result in improvement to a level of economic wellbeing greater than the previous high which of course could have been reached easier with non-violent free enterprise economic warmaking). The bad thing is that Central Bankers control the whole economy and cream off unheard off amount of money from the total economy, all to the impoverishment of the general population.
What a clever game the banking puppeteers are playing, enslaving the puppets, the general public into perpetual slavery. We are all marionettes with all our strings pulled by the banking puppereers at will and whim. Slavery of the highest order, powered and promoted under the guise of democracy. I call it demockery.
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